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Gunky Glasses 

I am sure this is written somewhere on the internet, household tip book or word of mouth but, we just discovered something.  Recently a set of amber drinking glasses was purchased. Upon close inspection we found they were heavily coated with what we did not know. Glass cleaner, extremely hot water and bar keepers friend, glass cleaner again, bonami, calcium deposit remover and the dreaded dish washer did not touch it....We gave up....Kind  of....

This morning I pulled out Wrights Brass Cleaner and thought what do we have to lose?   What do you know, it removed all of the coating that was on these glasses and left them sparkling clean. Now the glass I used this on is tinted amber, not a painted glass. I would guess if used on something painted it would probably remove all or part of the enamel so that is at your own risk. For true tinted glass I recommend it. No scratching, just a beautiful shining vintage hand blown tumbler once again.

Some Joys of Vinegar           (January 9, 2016)

I think everyone knows you always use vinegar when you boil eggs. Just in case you don't add two tablespoons of white vinegar per quart before you boil. It will make them much easier to peel.

It gets rid of stinky fish smells and cabbage. Just place a bowl of vinegar by the stove. It will soak up the smell.

Unclogging drains, vinegar and baking soda. Pour about a half cup into the drain and follow with a cup of vinegar and the a cup of hot water.

This one is my favorite because we get a lot of glass items and they can be a mess. For adhesive removal just dab the spot with vinegar, wipe with a clean rag, and it will cleanly release from the item.


  • Wipe on marble or granite, the finish will corrode.
  • Use on ceramic tile grout. It will corrode and eat the grout.
  • Use to clean waxed wood or you will create those ugly white spots.
  • Never use on a cast iron or aluminum as it will eat away the metal.


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