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   Well it's been a few months and I guess I better finish what I started. It's been a busy first four months of 2018. Time is flying by way too fast and before you know it Christmas will be here again!

  Now where were we....we talked about 

  • Honesty regarding the item you are listing regarding any imperfections.
  • Descriptions
  • Tags and Titles
  • Pictures

   So, I guess we will start off this section on what you do once your item sells.

You have made your first sell, how exciting...............Now what do you do? It's easy if you are selling on a site that will calculate shipping. That site has collected your money for the item(s) and factored in your shipping. You just print off the label and off you go.


   You first must decide what type of box and packaging you are going to use. For unbreakable items it is easy but, if you sell glass and breakables you really need to do some planning and have supplies readily on hand. Bubble wrap, peanuts, newspaper, air pillows, corrugated rolls, styrofoam, corner supports, various size boxes and lots of tape.

   For stemware and drinking glasses I use a telescopic carton, usually 36x4x4. I wrap each individual glass with usually 3 sheets of folded over bubble wrap and then cut a section of my corrugated to go around the glass once or twice. I then place the bubble wrap on top of the corrugated and then lay the glass on the end of it and roll it up like a burrito. Slide the glass into the carton and throw something in so the glass won't bump against each other and chip or break before I put the next item in. Repeat the process until the glasses are all in nicely cushioned.If your set is too large and you need to use 2 telescopic boxes just tape them securely together to create a 36x8x4. That will save you on your shipping charges. My 2 favorite sizes are 24x4x4 and 36x 4x4. You can also get FREE boxes from the good old USPS in various sizes to send out Priority Mail. If your glass is wider then you need plan B

   Generally,I use the same wrapping method and a large square box. I also cushion the box with large bubble wrap and then put the glasses in making sure that the glass does not touch any other glass. If so then put a cushion in between them. If there are 2 rows I will add a sheet of corrugate to separate the glass and then add another cushion of bubble wrap. Insert the next set and make sure there is no wiggle room in the box. If there is that is where your newspaper comes in handy. Stuff it in, as much as it takes, don't skimp. Where there is wiggle, there will be breakage. Lastly, add another cushion of bubble wrap if possible. Then tape and hope for the best. You basically did everything you could to prevent damages. Once the post gets it, it will be tossed and thrown from one station to the next. Rule of thumb.....if it bounces after you have boxed it chances are your package will be safe.

Next time........Vases and Those Funny Looking Things You Don't Have a Clue on What to do .

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