Some Words of Wisdom For the New Online Seller

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Part 1

More and more people are looking for avenues in which to sell items online. It's fun and exciting, you never know who that perfect person will be for that quirky piece you just found and want to list online. There is someone out there for any item you have, it is just a matter of them finding you.


Be accurate when describing your item for sale. Yes, you love that piece of glass and that little chip on the bottom is no big deal. Well, that no big deal can cost you if you do not add it in your description and have a picture or two of  the damage. Rate and post your items as honestly and accurately as possible. It may take longer for that perfect person who doesn't care about that little chip to purchase your glass but it is much better than the person who does care about that chip and wants to return the item. Not only do you refund the purchase price but, the shipping outbound and then once again if you want the item returned to your shop. That is 2 times you will have to pay in shipping charges alone. Just remember honesty is the best policy. It will save you time and money.

Titles and Tags

You need to put in a descriptive title and use your tags. Tags are very important to help perspective buyers to locate your item. Also use as many as you can think of, the more tags the better the odds of your item being found.When you fist begin to add them think of what you would type in to look for that item and then once you add all of those you can begin to be a little more creative. Be sure to check for typos. Some services do not have a system in place to recognize and recommend an alternate spelling. When that happens your item cannot be found.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Clean, focused, uncluttered images will sell your item. If your picture is bad or has a lot of images around your item chances are your item will not sell. I had a set of very nice glasses listed for over a year. Pictures were o.k. but not great. I decided to shoot some new pictures and they sold in a matter of days. If you have too much in your background or other items in with what is listed it detracts from the item you are trying to sell. Chances are you will have it for a while because a lot of people can't process just that item. Their eyes and brains are viewing and thinking about everything in that picture. Buy yourself a cheap little light box to begin with. You can pick up one inexpensively at Amazon or Ebay. It is worth the investment. As you grow you can purchase bigger and better ones.

More to follow in upcoming blogs.............................


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