Consignor Rules


    •  We reserve the right to decline a listing if we feel it is inappropriate or not within our scope of products offerings.
    • The textile section is not for used sheets or towels. It is for new and vintage items.
    • The jewelry section is for vintage costume jewelry and hand made items. Nothing of great value will be offered in this section. We will be enforcing this for the sellers and buyers protection.  We would not want someone thinking they are getting a 2 carat diamond and receive a cubic zirconia or 24k gold only to find out it is gold plated.
    • We are dedicated to our sellers and buyers alike. Without one we will not have the other.  Keeping everyone happy is our #1 priority.  If a discrepancy or dispute does arise between a seller and buyer and no resolution can be settled, The Other Alley will investigate and make a determination that will be unbiased and final.
    • There will be NO RETURNS unless an item was listed incorrectly, undisclosed damage or false representation.  The buyer has 3 days from their receipt of the order to file a complaint with The Other Alley.  We will notify you within 24 hours if a complaint has been issued.
    • Unless other arrangements have been made or shipping is prepaid on an item the buyer will pay shipping charges. If you are paying shipping charges be sure to note that the description of your listing. The specifications of your item(s) must be accurate on your listing.  If you, the seller have made an error which incurs additional shipping charges you (the seller) will be responsible for any additional monies and be charged back accordingly.
    • Certificates of Authenticity must be made available upon request by The Other Alley or buyer.  Any and all documentation must be packaged and sent with the item once it has been sold.  If they are not sent or you (the seller) do not have them you run the risk of the item being returned for a full refund.
    • Your funds will be issued within 3 to 5 days from the day we receive notification via tracking number that the item has shipped. This ensures the transaction is not fraudulent, there is no complaint filed on the item, and has completely cleared the financial institution.  We will issue you a check via USPS or transfer the funds directly to your bank account or PayPal.
    • Misrepresentation of an item is fraud.  We have a 2 strike rule.  If you make an error on a listing and the product is returned you are liable for the full amount the buyer paid including all shipping charges.  We will not be returning the 25% commission charge.  You (the seller) must absorb the commission as a loss, we did our part.  If a second error falls within a 3 month period, you will once again will be liable for all charges associated with the order, your listings will be pulled and your consignor access will be revoked.  We require all our consignors to have integrity, honesty, values and be an excellent communicator.   
    • If we run ads (offer discounts) we, The Other Alley do not discount it from your commission. The Other Alley has got you covered.      



      Our standard fee is 25% commission of the items selling price. Listings run 30 consecutive days beginning the day we post your item. Please note due to backlogs it can take 24 to 48 hours to post your item.  Once we remove the listing you may list the item again at any time. The suggested time to wait is 7 days so your item does not become stale.

      No listings will be reviewed on Saturday's or Sunday's
      For everything else we are open 24/7