The Other Alley is an online consignment service for home interior quality decorator items.  Vases, paintings, figurines, wall decor, vintage, modern, traditional, industrial.  If it is unique, trendy, old or new and of value, consign. 
  • Don't Yard Sell it for pennies. Plus all that work and aggravation for what?? Yard sales do have their place but not for your finer items. So, consign your items today. Doesn't making dollars make more "CENTS"?
  • It is easy........There are no hidden or up front fees.  You pay only a small commission fee once your item sells.  All you have to do is List.....Sell.....Ship (using our prepaid label).....Collect Your Money.  (We do reserve the right to decline a listing if it is not within our scope of products.)
  • Be forewarned Consignment Selling is fun and it is ADDICTING!  Plus, we plan on making it a lot of fun. 
  • Customer and Seller Appreciation Days.....Give A Ways.....Discount Days.....Drawings.....What ever our heads can dream up.  Currently we have discount coupons available. You can find them in our Fun Tab (I just thought that up so I now need to make that change).
    We have been moving along quietly and as quickly as possible. Enhancements and upgrades have been made. There are still a few more gnats buzzing about but, we are working on them. If there is something you see or know of that might interest us let us know.  Use our Customer Care page.
    Yes, we are shopaholics! We love to shop, love to consign, love to offer some (not all) of our finds and items from our own collections we have decided to part with.
So, with that I will say............HAPPY SHOPPING and SELLING!