8 Piece Vintage Hat Collection

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I have decided to part with my collection of hats and will try to best describe them.

Beige No maker name. It needs some tlc. There is lining inside the hat that is torn, needs cleaning and s couple of tacs to hold the bow down. It reminds me of the hats we used to put on our Barbie dolls. The big over size hats.

Yellow Pill Box Labeled Skol Nips. Needs cleaned, inside tulle is braided and the netting is in decent condition. There is a little bow atop of the netting.

White Half Hat Labeled Union Made HN 829420. Layered like a flower with netting which has tears and a bow on top.

Black Felt with pheasant feathers each side. Labeled Merrimac, Made of imported fur. It states it is fur felt. Good condition.

Black Velvet with black netting and a bow on top in the middle. No maker name and good condition.

Blue Velvet pill box. Navy blue with blue netting which has a tear on top. It does have 2 little bows and a hat pin is still inserted in the side of it. No maker name.

Tan pill box with pheasant feathers. The netting is in good condition with no tears. Some of the feathers are loose. The netting is not attached to the hat.

Pheasant Feathered Hat labeled Schusters Milwaukee. Felt hat with a lot of feathers and note the beading in the pictures. Good condition but some of the feathers are loose.

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