Eclectic Set Candle Holders

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Miscellaneous candle holders I have collected throughout the years and repaired with the trends.  There is a scroll lime green, a 5 arm taper candle holder that is powder blue and a purple 3 arm taper candle holder.  If you would like to purchase but want a different color ask me.  I have many various colors of paint and if I have your color will repaint at no extra charge.  I just love to paint.

Blue taper measures  8 1/2"  x  8"  x  5 3/4" W

Lime green measures 10"  L  x  5 1/2"  H  x  1 3/4"  W, comes with glass candle holders for votive candles.

Purple 3 arm measures 10 1/4"  x  10"  H  x  4 1/2"  W

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