Ivmari Valenti

Pomegranate Carnelian Necklace 

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The pomegranate is traditionally a very good symbol of abundance, fertility and prosperity.
This rose cut carnelian stone pomegranate silver pendant is amazing. 

  • An original BlessUArts design.
  • The bezel is delicate and the pendant is nicely textured.
  • The pendant measures 0.8" * 0.7" / 2.2 * 1.8 cm and the bail is 0.4 cm.
  • The pomegranate comes on a very nice sterling silver 16.8"/42 cm chain.

Carnelian is an beautiful stone, once considered only as the property of the noble class.
It's an energy booster, gives strength, protects against poverty and brings peace and happiness. 
The meaningful and beautiful gift for holidays, bat mitzvah, birthday and everyone for a prosperous and happy life.
You can see a great variety of my jewelry and gifts in my artworks video

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