The Other Alley

Smooching Doves Trinket Jar

Regular price $ 14.99
Pair of ceramic kissing doves sitting atop your trinket Box.  Personally I thought butter dish!  That is because my Mother has one almost like this and I wanted to take it home with me.  Many years ago we used to pilfer something cute but insignificant from each other and wait to see if it was missed.  I will never forget finding one of my plants at her house.  I didn't even miss it and I would take her welcome signs and such.  So, I thought about starting it up again......Oh well, back on track.  You could even use it as a soap dish in the bath.  It's the perfect size for many household items.  Measures  6' L  x  5" H with lid on.  The yellow is more in the pastel side, not a school bus yellow.  Happy Hunting.

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